Analysis of the Marketing and Promotional Strategies for Persona 6

Finally, the wait is over! After years of impatiently waiting, we are getting a new Persona game, Persona 6! The excitement levels among fans are through the roof, and the hype is palpable.

But as a wise man once said, “With great hype comes great responsibility.”

The release of Persona 6 will undoubtedly be big, but how will the marketing and promotional strategies help the game to reach its full potential? In this article, let's dive deep into the marketing and promotional strategies for Persona 6 and analyze whether they will help the game to exceed our expectations or not.

Crafting Strategic Trailers

An excellent trailer can be a crucial factor in generating interest and creating hype for a game. Atlus has a reputation for crafting excellent trailers for Persona games, and we're hoping they will follow the same approach with Persona 6.

In Persona 5's marketing, the trailers were skillfully created, showcasing the game's main features, gameplay, and unique art style. They created an excellent blend of animation and in-game footage that helped the audience understand the game's mechanics while also being visually appealing.

Persona 6 is expected to continue the story of its predecessors while introducing new elements to the game. We expect the trailer to showcase the new features, characters, and story arcs of the upcoming game, which will significantly impact the audience's interest.

Engaging Social Media Strategy

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to promoting a game. With a vast user base and reach, it can make or break a game's success. Atlus USA has a strong social media presence, which they utilized to market Persona 5 in the west.

They showcased the game's unique art style, characters, and the story through their official social media pages, building up hype among the fans. They even engaged the fans with GIFs and memes, which generated a lot of buzz and showed that they were listening to the fans.

For Persona 6, an engaging social media strategy can play a pivotal role in its marketing. With its strong social media presence, Atlus can use the platforms to showcase behind-the-scenes footage, interact with fans, and even release short gameplay videos to generate hype.

Collaborations with Anime and Manga

Persona games have always been popular in Japan, and one of the main reasons for this popularity has been the collaborations between the games and popular anime/manga series. Persona 5 collaborated with the anime series The Daybreakers, which acted as a prelude to the game's events. Atlus also released a manga series, which further expanded the game's story.

Collaborations and tie-ins with other mediums can help broaden the audience and create a buzz among fans of those series. For Persona 6, Atlus can collaborate with popular anime or manga series and even release a new one altogether to generate interest and expand the game's universe.

Special Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses

Special editions and pre-order bonuses have become a prevalent marketing strategy in recent times, and the Persona series has been no exception. Persona 5 had an impressive "Take Your Heart" edition, which included a collector's box, artbook, soundtrack, Morgana plushie, and more.

A special edition can be a worthwhile investment for both the developer and the consumer. It provides a unique experience for the players, generates buzz, and can be sold at a higher price point. Pre-order bonuses can also help build hype before the game's release and can be as simple as offering an exclusive in-game item or a limited edition art print.

For Persona 6, the special edition can be built on the success of Persona 5's "Take Your Heart" edition and offer unique content, such as figurines, collectible cards, or a full-color manual. Pre-order bonuses could include exclusive Persona skins, in-game items, or even a demo version of an upcoming game.

Developing a Community

Persona games have a unique and passionate fan base that loves to discuss and speculate about the game's universe, characters, storylines, and gameplay mechanics. Creating a community around the game can help the audience to feel more invested in the game, leading to long-term relationships and higher player engagement.

Atlus already has a dedicated fan base and can use various methods to keep them engaged with Persona 6. A great way to build a community is to engage with them on social media, forums, and fan sites, release behind-the-scenes content, and organize fan events to keep the hype alive.


It's difficult to predict what the future holds, but Atlus's past marketing strategies and Persona's massive fan following have raised our expectations for Persona 6. The game has everything going for it, from a dedicated fan base to a series of successful games. Now it’s up to Atlus to craft a marketing and promotional strategy that lives up to the hype and expectations surrounding the game.

Personally, I can't wait to play Persona 6, and I'm sure all of you are just as excited as I am. Time will tell how well Persona 6 performs in the market, but with a great marketing and promotional strategy in place, we can expect the game to exceed our expectations and become one of the most iconic games of this generation.

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